Thursday, 2 March 2017

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Contents Page 2 Finishing Touches

When showing my second content page to my audience they gave me some ideas in how to improve my magazine.

Firstly I've changed the page number from "Dynamic 3" to "DYNAMIC 4" as well as making it the same green used throughout the rest of my magazine. This will maintain the house style of my magazine.

I've also added a Twitter handle of "@Dynamicmag" and a Facebook link to the top of my magazine. This is so there are even more ways for my audience to keep up to date with my magazine as well as to widen my potential audience by making my magazine more accessible.


Contents Pages Finishing Touches

When I showed my audience my contents pages, they have told me some things they believe would improve it. So I have changed my magazine to meet their desires.

Firstly, I have changed the page numbers on both of my contents pages so that they fit better in sequence with my front cover. I have also changed the page numbers to the green used in the rest of my magazine, as well as making them "DYNAMIC 3", rather than "Dynamic 3". This s better as it is the same as in my article now. By doing this I have maintained the house style in my magazine.

I have changed one of my features so that it includes "Three Days Later", the band which my article is about.

In the middle of the page, I have changed the page number that was associated with "Lil' Brittle" from 18 to 21. This is because I wanted my article on "Three Days Later" to be on that page instead.